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Build A Porch Roof On Your Own – Here’s How!

Including roof porch for your home gives it extra protection and adds to the looks of your home. While building such a roof, care should be taken that the material you choose and its color matches well with the look of your house. Here are some simple steps to let you know how to build a porch and make your place more comfortable.


You’ll need a blueprint, lumber, concrete, flooring material and nails for building you porch roof.

Before you go ahead with building of porch, you would better confirm that it will suit your house and be a worthwhile addition to that. In case the house already has some weak points, it may not be a very good idea to go for porch roof. Moreover, such points make the process of building rather difficult. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure that house is strong enough to bear the weight of the porch. Before getting started with its construction, care should be taken to remove obstructions like telephone or electric pole and hanging tree limbs etc.

An important step before getting started with the construction of porch is to have a blueprint of the plan as it helps to simplify the actual work. Not having a blueprint may cause a lot of problems. You may need to seek help of an architect or a professional draftsman for making the needed drawing. You also have the option of using free online software. In case you intend having a power connection in your porch, ensure to draw the outlets in the drawing. The shape and pitch of roof should match the porch.

You need to ensure that the porch has an even level. If it’s not so, you have to use concrete to fill the gap and raise the level if required. In case the porch is to be built on a concrete slab that’s not in level, you can take care of that by suitably adjusting the lengths of supporting poles.

Now, it’s time to install the top plate. Join the top plate with the posts and you’ll get a box like formation. Now, fasten the rafters to this box-like shape. You may opt to have a double plated top plate. It’s important that you thoroughly sand and clean all the plates. Position the board fittingly on the posts. Splices and joints should come on top of the support posts and be held with lag bolts.

Now, it’s time to install rafters. Mark the position of the rafters as per the blueprint. Having so marked the points, you can cut the rafters, taking care that there is sufficient space for the overhang. Metal connectors should be used for fixing the rafters.

Next, you need to cover the roof using plywood. Make sure that the entire length of the roof including the overhang is covered by plywood. Finally, you need to shingle the roof. Having installed the shingles, the roof should be cleaned.

That’s all you need to know for building a porch roof. You have the option of installing a swing in the porch. This roofing can provide additional protection to your home and family.