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Small Porches – A Getaway You Need

You should understand that when planning to build a porch, the most important aspect is not its size. I often find people who are very happy with a small porch. Don’t think that it has to be as large as perhaps your bedroom to make it a pleasing outdoor area. Even a small porch can be put to good use by following an appropriate design and then decorating it with quality furniture and including a porch awning.

It’s very important to maintain the right proportion between your home and the porch. Just as it wouldn’t look nice to have a small porch for a mansion, it will be odd to have a large porch of the size of a small house when the house is of moderate size. Make a fairly good judgment of the size that will go along well with the size of your house. To maximize your comfort while being there, install an awning or a porch roof that protects you from the sun and rain. You may like installing a small awning or you could have a permanent roof matching the roof of your home. For a more professional look, you can make quality porch columns or even a ceiling. You have many options to choose from to make your porch look like an extension of your home.

It’s good design idea to have a porch wall for enhancing your privacy. You need not make a very high wall. Even if it reaches to the height of windowsills, it’s perfectly fine. Having a wall certainly adds to your privacy while you are lying down to read a book or some such activity. Apart from that, the walls provide a solid frame to your porch making it look wonderful.

If you really want to derive the most out of your small porch, you need to spend on its decoration, every season if possible. For instance, in summer and springtime you can consider having flowerpots in the corners and thus add color therein. You could give it a Halloween or thanksgiving theme that makes it look warm and inviting during fall. Bring in some good furniture so that it becomes inviting. You could hang seasonal banners or decorations around the porch. Inclusion of furniture and some appropriate equipment makes it like any other room that reflects your style.

You can have an attractive small porch in many different ways and styles and need not spend fortune making big porch lacking individuality. You are sure to find yourself spending a lot of your quality time therein as it shapes into an inviting place, prompting you to use it frequently.