Build A Porch Roof On Your Own – Here’s How!

Including roof porch for your home gives it extra protection and adds to the looks of your home. While building such a roof, care should be taken that the material you choose and its color matches well with the look of your house. Here are some simple steps to let you know how to build a porch and make your place more comfortable.


You’ll need a blueprint, lumber, concrete, flooring material and nails for building you porch roof.

Before you go ahead with building of porch, you would better confirm that it will suit your house and be a worthwhile addition to that. In case the house already has some weak points, it may not be a very good idea to go for porch roof. Moreover, such points make the process of building rather difficult. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure that house is strong enough to bear the weight of the porch. Before getting started with its construction, care should be taken to remove obstructions like telephone or electric pole and hanging tree limbs etc.

An important step before getting started with the construction of porch is to have a blueprint of the plan as it helps to simplify the actual work. Not having a blueprint may cause a lot of problems. You may need to seek help of an architect or a professional draftsman for making the needed drawing. You also have the option of using free online software. In case you intend having a power connection in your porch, ensure to draw the outlets in the drawing. The shape and pitch of roof should match the porch.

You need to ensure that the porch has an even level. If it’s not so, you have to use concrete to fill the gap and raise the level if required. In case the porch is to be built on a concrete slab that’s not in level, you can take care of that by suitably adjusting the lengths of supporting poles.

Now, it’s time to install the top plate. Join the top plate with the posts and you’ll get a box like formation. Now, fasten the rafters to this box-like shape. You may opt to have a double plated top plate. It’s important that you thoroughly sand and clean all the plates. Position the board fittingly on the posts. Splices and joints should come on top of the support posts and be held with lag bolts.

Now, it’s time to install rafters. Mark the position of the rafters as per the blueprint. Having so marked the points, you can cut the rafters, taking care that there is sufficient space for the overhang. Metal connectors should be used for fixing the rafters.

Next, you need to cover the roof using plywood. Make sure that the entire length of the roof including the overhang is covered by plywood. Finally, you need to shingle the roof. Having installed the shingles, the roof should be cleaned.

That’s all you need to know for building a porch roof. You have the option of installing a swing in the porch. This roofing can provide additional protection to your home and family.

What Types Of Porches Are There?

A porch is simply a sunshade over the main entrance to the house. Its function is to offer some kind of protection to the visitors calling upon the house and to save the front door from the effects of bad weather.

The porch may be supported using a plain wooden frame attached to wall over the main door or by providing posts at the two corners at the front.

You may like to add to the elegance of the house by filling the space between the wall and the posts by incorporating trellis panels you could grow climbing plants. It also provides additional protection. Another option will be to use glass panes and enclose the sides and provide a glazed door on the front to have an enclosed porch.

The design of certain houses has the front door that is recessed from the front wall. With such a design it becomes easy to have an enclosed porch by using glass panels that fill the recess.

In case the house has bay windows on the front with a canopy, you can have a porch by including a curtain wall and door. This will blend very well with the design of the house. You’ll appreciate that any porch should be so made that it jells with the original design of the house and should not look out of place as a badly designed late addition.

If you like to receive maximum of sunlight in the hallway, it would be better to have a porch with glass from its floor to the ceiling. The other option will be to have low walls coming to just waist level. Here again, care should be taken that the materials used for making the walls merge with the general design of the house.

A house with modern design or in cases where the bay windows have a flat roof, it would be fine to have a porch with flat roof. Houses with sloping roofs may be provided with a pitched roof porch with matching shingles.

The size of the porch is decided by the recess to be filled in. If the porch is built as an extension of the front of the house, you may make it as wide and deep as is permissible by local set of laws.

As a matter of fact you may go beyond the traditionally accepted porch and build a lobby halfway, using downstairs layette if you so desire.

The Alternative To Patio And Porch Roof Covers

While considering porch roof covers, don’t stay focused on awnings only. That’s not to undervalue awnings, which are easily the most preferred option of lots of people. I want to say that there are other options too and that they may work out better for you. This ultimately depends on your requirements, and who knows, you may be able to save some money in the process of opting for something different.

The first thing you have to decide is whether you like to go for a prefabricated system or you would prefer to have it custom made. Naturally, you get a lot more options if you decide to have one custom made. But at the same time, like other custom made items, it’s more expensive. So, depending upon your budget you can decide between the two. Nevertheless, there are many kits and prefabricated systems available in the market and they look as good as any custom made system, which can easily be installed by an average homeowner. Moreover, their installation is not expensive and can usually be executed on a weekend.

Another important consideration is the climatic condition in your area. In case you live in Dallas with its dry climate, you would obviously like to ensure that the material used offers resistance to UV rays of the sun. On the other hand, a place like Newport Beach would necessarily require the material to withstand mold and mildew. A new manufacturer, named Alumawood has introduced a new product that can bear all weathers. The interesting feature of this material is that it’s entirely made from aluminum but looks like wood.

And finally, you would certainly like to have a patio roof cover in a pretty design that is pleasant to the eyes. You get a huge variety of designs for this product; some are better looking while others are more functional. For instance, Pergolas are very pretty, but it takes many seasons for vines to climb up there and offer the desired protection. Otherwise, there are several designs with solid panels that provide the needed protection but are not as decorative. Perhaps, the best option for you lies somewhere in the middle of these two options. Spend a bit of time and look for something that is good looking and remains functional too.

Small Porches – A Getaway You Need

You should understand that when planning to build a porch, the most important aspect is not its size. I often find people who are very happy with a small porch. Don’t think that it has to be as large as perhaps your bedroom to make it a pleasing outdoor area. Even a small porch can be put to good use by following an appropriate design and then decorating it with quality furniture and including a porch awning.

It’s very important to maintain the right proportion between your home and the porch. Just as it wouldn’t look nice to have a small porch for a mansion, it will be odd to have a large porch of the size of a small house when the house is of moderate size. Make a fairly good judgment of the size that will go along well with the size of your house. To maximize your comfort while being there, install an awning or a porch roof that protects you from the sun and rain. You may like installing a small awning or you could have a permanent roof matching the roof of your home. For a more professional look, you can make quality porch columns or even a ceiling. You have many options to choose from to make your porch look like an extension of your home.

It’s good design idea to have a porch wall for enhancing your privacy. You need not make a very high wall. Even if it reaches to the height of windowsills, it’s perfectly fine. Having a wall certainly adds to your privacy while you are lying down to read a book or some such activity. Apart from that, the walls provide a solid frame to your porch making it look wonderful.

If you really want to derive the most out of your small porch, you need to spend on its decoration, every season if possible. For instance, in summer and springtime you can consider having flowerpots in the corners and thus add color therein. You could give it a Halloween or thanksgiving theme that makes it look warm and inviting during fall. Bring in some good furniture so that it becomes inviting. You could hang seasonal banners or decorations around the porch. Inclusion of furniture and some appropriate equipment makes it like any other room that reflects your style.

You can have an attractive small porch in many different ways and styles and need not spend fortune making big porch lacking individuality. You are sure to find yourself spending a lot of your quality time therein as it shapes into an inviting place, prompting you to use it frequently.

Porch Roof And Metal Shingles – Four Different Options

Very often the owners of vintage homes like to conserve their embossed tin shingle roofs. Unfortunately, these days it’s difficult to get metal shingles that would match the texture, size, and shadowing of the embossed tin shingles that were in use from 1870 to 1930. Yet, there are ways to meet the budget constraints and also the appearance expectations.

For such owners of homes with embossed metal shingles, it is the porch that’s the most taxing. That’s because the porch area is often the most trodden. As can be expected, painters would have positioned ladders on the shingles, and children would have surely played on those. It’s quite normal to have to have damaged porch tin shingles.

When undertaking maintenance of metal shingle roofs, the porch roof needs to be handled in a manner different than upper roofs due excessive damage.

Here are four solutions:

1. Here is an interesting case. A historical district owner was in a tight spot. The enclosed porch roof area leaked into her living room. The local historical society completely discarded any plan to replace the roof unless the same metal shingles could be used. Her budget was insufficient to replace with new shingles at that time.

Under the circumstances the owner had to balance her priorities between acceptable appearance, performance and budget.

On priority in her plans was to stop the leakage into her living room and to avoid a conflict with the local historical society. To achieve this plan, the fully reinforced system with restoration green acrylic was employed. This system comprises of four layers of acrylic with mesh sandwiched between two coating layers.

For the above situation at that point of time, it was a sensible approach. From the driveway, the porch roof surface looks well turned-out. Since the main entrance is thru the back door, the appearance issue seemed resolved for the roof surface. By the way, the leakage situation was solved

2. Standing seam panels have continued to be a popular choice for a porch roof. The reasons are not difficult to guess: Both, the standing seam as also shingles are traditional styles of metal roofing. Moreover, the traditional standing seam panels and the metal shingles harmonize each other quite appealingly. The price in this case is less than new shingles,

3. If modern asphalt shingles have already been provided as a solution, any owner would accept that the appearance is by and large unwelcome. On such patios, where tin shingles are noticeable on other roofs, the least expensive way will be to coat the porch asphalt shingles with the same acrylic tint as the rest of the metal tin shingles.

4. Another reasonably priced way is to have a smooth, rolled roofing installation. This should be followed by a coat of rubber or mineral surface roofing with the acrylic of the embossed tin shingles. One customer coated his porch roof with an acrylic tint that heightened the trim of his stone house.

Getting associated with a contractor experienced in this field, would often get you innovative solutions.

Porch Roof Designs – The Options You Have

It is often enjoyable to be using porch or patio for having meals together or a cozy get together. It’ also a nice place to have leisurely conversations or even for listening to your favorite program on radio while gingerly sipping on your favorite drink. The design of the porch to a good extent sets your mood to put it to use as per your preference and style. There are many roof designs to choose from for your porch. Here are some ideas for patio designs for you to choose from, should you ever get inclined to have one.

Canopies and Gazebos

Generally, they are made from of high quality wrought iron, though you can get these in wood too. They are designed to remain adaptable and allow you remove the covers for enjoying the summer sun, while during rainy season, these they can be draped over by using a canopy. You get fabrics needed for draping in many different colors and designs. Likewise, they could be simply water repellant. It all depends on your budget. You can make your gazebo look more beautiful just by adding trellis where vines would climb up to make the surroundings all the more desirable.

Patio Umbrellas

Though they have generally been made from wood or stainless steel, these days you get them in aluminum too. Aluminum is quite durable, lightweight and resists rust to a fairly good extent. These umbrellas are available in very attractive colors in varying shades.
Those with their own pool will find a patio umbrella great for a patio roof design, as it is comparatively cheaper and brings in an all natural, peaceful, resort like feel to your patio. You can use your patio umbrella easily even when the size of your patio is small. Such umbrellas can easily accommodate four to six people, depending on its size and design.

Metal Porch Roof

Patio roofs made from corrugated metal are a favorite of those who like sitting idle in the patio while it rains. These are tough and sturdy and can therefore bear rough weather of changing seasons. These are to a good extent, permanent type of fixtures that get easily attached to the outdoor patio. Nonetheless, they certainly offer maximum shade as also protection from rain and snow.

Clear Glass

Clear and tinted posh glass…that sounds classic! This design of patio roof could be interpreted as a bold way for expressing your characteristic taste and imagination of the patio. By nature, they let in the sunlight. At the same time, they guard you from rough elements. Most patio glass roofs are known to be sturdy, and they allow you to bathe in good sunshine while safeguarding you from drizzles and chilly wind. Have a look at one such patio glass roof for a home office.

Aluminum Pan Roof

Aluminum has continued to be one of the most popular choices, because it is firm, durable and light weight. Moreover, its maintenance is easy. Plus the fact that aluminum is a cool material that helps in summers and it saves you from getting soaked in the rain and offers protection from other natural elements.

And before concluding, it’s indeed sensible going for a wooden patio roof, also known as the pergola patio roof. Of course, there are so many similar patio roof designs, you will find majority of them to be appealing. Most of the modern homeowners prefer having wooden designs. That’s because aluminum pan roofs could get easily stained, but the wooden variety may be painted with a color of homeowners’ choice.